About Us

Welcome to IntellibizzAI

Your premier partner in AI-driven solutions, enhanced with GPTs Assistants. We are not just another AI solutions provider; IntellibizzAI unites a team of visionaries, innovators, and engineers dedicated to democratizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the advanced capabilities of GPTs Assistants.

Our Distinction

  • Distinct AI Personalities with GPTs Assistants: We have developed an exclusive suite of AI personalities, each integrated with GPTs Assistants, possessing unique expertise. Catering to a wide range of tasks and industries, our solutions are versatile and adaptable to various needs.
  • Proficient Understanding of User Needs with GPTs Insights: Our solutions, enriched with insights from GPTs Assistants, are deeply rooted in an understanding of business requirements and individual aspirations. This approach allows us to deliver AI-driven solutions that genuinely align with our users' needs.
  • Commitment to Innovation and Excellence with GPTs Support: Our ongoing pursuit of innovation and excellence is bolstered by our use of GPTs Assistants. We continually refine and expand our AI personalities, ensuring our solutions are effective, efficient, and at the cutting edge.
  • Skilled Prompt Engineers with GPTs Expertise: Our team of prompt engineers, skilled in GPTs technology, are key in crafting user interactions with our AI personalities. Their expertise ensures that inputs for our AI models are effective, contextually appropriate, and that the outputs are relevant, engaging, and beneficial.
  • Founder's Vision with GPTs Integration: Our founder and CEO, António Tavares, has extensive experience in the tech industry and a deep passion for AI's transformative potential, especially with the integration of GPTs Assistants. His vision is to democratize AI's power for everyone – from businesses leveraging AI for growth, individuals enhancing their social media presence, to creatives seeking AI support.

Our mission is clear: to empower you with AI's prowess, augmented with GPTs Assistants, transforming your vision into tangible outcomes. Whether you're a business, individual, or creative, we are here to assist you.

Join Our Journey

Join us on this exhilarating journey into the future of AI, now amplified with the capabilities of GPTs Assistants, and experience the distinction with IntellibizzAI. Welcome to the new frontier of digital success.

About Our Founder and CEO, António Tavares

Greetings! I'm António Tavares, the founder and CEO of IntellibizzAI.

My enduring fascination with AI's potential to revolutionize industries and enhance lives impelled me to establish IntellibizzAI, a company committed to harnessing AI technology for the mutual benefit of businesses and individuals.

Over the years, my tenure in the tech industry offered a front-row seat to technology's transformative potential. I discerned that AI represented the next frontier, poised to overhaul how we conduct business, interact, and create.

Motivated by this realization, I brought IntellibizzAI to life. Under my stewardship, our team has crafted a set of AI personalities, each with a unique specialty, capable of addressing a wide array of tasks. From devising captivating social media strategies to proffering professional marketing counsel, and even offering creative writing assistance, our AI personalities are engineered to facilitate your goal attainment.

My vision for IntellibizzAI is unambiguous: to democratize AI's power. Whether you're a business, an individual or a creative, we stand ready to assist.

As we progress on this enthralling journey, I remain unwavering in my commitment to this vision. I eagerly anticipate assisting you in uncovering the potential of AI, and witnessing how IntellibizzAI can help actualize your vision.